Subject: - Introductory Letter


Dear Sir
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturing of Cast Nylon Components in the forms of Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Rings, Etc which are fast coming up like all other plastic grade, as a Substitute to metel Components in the ever growing fabrication needs.
We have got all grade of Engg. Plastic in our product range out of which our Polycon Oilon (Lx) it Combines a load bearing capacity grater then that of white metel with self lubricating properties better then those of Vesconite, while giving up to 10 times longer service then phosphor bronze.
Developed and proven in many Industrial applications over three decades, Polycon (Lx) has become the preferred material when high loads must be carried with small clearances, under dirty and unlubricated conditions. It is also most effective in moist, immersed and corrosive applications.

also offers a special service for the production of Custom Cast Components.

Looking forward to receiving your valued inquiry soon

With best regards
For Polycon India
Madan Azad
Mob - 09013567857


Address: 7/50 Loni Road, Indl Area,
mohan nagar