Sorbead India  is the trually supplier of silica gel desiccants, molecular sieve, alumina balls, chromatography adsosrbents and other pharma desiccant for packaging and moisture ptotection. Get desiccant tablets, desiccant canisters, desiccant vials, humidity indicating cards, oxygen absorbers, cotton coils, LDPE bags and aluminium tubes for pharma tablets, capsules, gel and other API packaging.

We supply all kinds of pharmaceutical desiccants such as humidity indicator cards, desiccant canisters, oxygen absorbers, cotton coils, desiccant packets like silica gel (blue, white and orange), molecular sieve, activated carbon and clay desiccant packets as well as Adsorbents including silica gel, molecular sieves and activated alumin. All these desiccants are used for moisture absorption and humidity removal from the packaging container. All our products are approved by the FDA and can be used for pharmaceutical purposes without any damaging effects on packaging products. We also supply cargo dry pack which is also FDA approved and used in the cargo industries for removing container sweat, corrosion, mold, mildew, moisture etc.






















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