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XGY, established in 2005, is specialized in the research, production and Grow Light Fixtures Manufacturers sales of high intensity discharge light source for a variety of application, including plant growth, road, high bay, commercial and China grow light fixtures manufacturers car headlights. By adopting world-class technology and imports advanced production equipment from the United States, Germany and Korea, XGY is the only company in the world with both RD and production of whole lamps and PCA tubes, arc tubes for core parts of ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM/CMH/LEC) and high pressure sodium (HPS) at present. XGYs annual production capacity of PCA tubes, arc tubes and whole lamps are over 1,000,000, 800,000 and 500,000 respectively.

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Company Name: Zhejiang Xinguangyang Lighting Co., Ltd.
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