We are from Pt. Panji Mas Textile a leading mop yarn manufacturer for non woven application and stuffing material established on 1985 in Gresik, Indonesia. Since 2005 we focused on the sales forB2B market. So far we have our mop yarn export to Malaysia, Singapura, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Egypt, Europa, UK, UEA, USA, Canada, Italy, Russia, and more. So, we offer you to buy our mop yarn, which is used as janitorial equipment for home and building especially hotels, offices, hospital, etc. For mop yarn, we produce : 1. White Bleach Mop Yarn & Synthetic ( Rayon ) Mop Yarn 2. Cotton Mop Yarn & TC Raw White 3. Blue Mop Yarn 4. Synthetic Blue Mop Yarn 5. Red Mop Yarn 6. Candy Strip Mop Yarn ( Bicolor) etc It is very nice yarn with high/ low twist, good strength, nice absorption and unfaded that will fulfill your need. We Have Blanket Yarn ( White Bleached, Mixed Colours, and Black with count range from Ne 1s until 4s in Single). We have Fiber Wastes ( Mixed Color Re cycled Fiber, Cotton Recycled Fiber, T/C Colored Recycled Fiber ) We have Acrylic Yarn and Acrylic Fiber ). We have open end yarn. Our yarn can be applied for various purpose such as Knitted working gloves, Towel Industries, Interlining fabric ( for shoes, bag) , Fabric ( knitted and woven) , socks and upholstery. We will quote you our best and competitive price and guarantee the product quality. If you have a particular demand, we will try our best to fulfill it. Please fell free to contact us if you are interested and have any questions.

Company Profile
Product/Service: Mop Yarn, Blanket Yarn, Fiber Waste, Acrylic Yarn and Fiber, Open End Yarn

Contact Details
Contact Person: Ms. Dana Afiya
Address: Jl. Raya Driyorejo KM25 Semambung-Driyorejo , Goa
Zip: 61177
Phone: +620317509833
Mobile: +620317507139


Address: Jl. Raya Driyorejo KM25 Semambung-Driyorejo