On site / Off site Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Erection, Routine Maintenance, Performance Testing, AMC, Modernization of existing CT, Dismantling & Assembly, on-site fan blade repair, Inspection and supervision, etc.
Conversion of the wooden cooling tower to pultruded FRP tower.

Cooling Towers 50 to 1500 TR
Series : Z Counterflow cooling tower - single cell
Series : Y Counterflow cooling tower - multi cell

Series : X Cross flow cooling tower - single cell

Wooden or Pultruded FRP cross flow cooling tower
Quality Parts
For cross and counter flow towers Fan, Gear box, Motor, Internal and external fabricated items, Fills (Film fill, V Bar), FRP cladding sheets, FRP Stack, Nozzles, Driveshaft, Drift Eliminator, FRP Louvers, Wooden items, Instruments, valves, Hardware's etc.
Complete performance testing kit : Pitot tube, manometer, stuffing box, etc.
Balarka Axial Flow FRP Fan
Dia 2' to 34' Up to 85% high efficient aerodynamic design blade profile.
Application: Cooling tower, Air Cooled Condensers, Heat Exchanger, Mine, General Ventilation & Exhaust, Process cooler, Tube axial, Supply & Return, Tea Withering, Radiator cooling etc.