PARENTNashik  is a top brand to help you to find resistance welding consumables, weldparts spares, projection welding electrodes at OneStop for your spot welders and robotic welding backed by manufacturer - Paramount Enterprises  located in Nashik  - India.

PARENTNashik is younger energetic, with highly skilled engineering group having extensive more than 2 decades experience in resistance spot welding supplies and installed latest technology machining facility at works, manufacturing all sorts of resistance gun spot welding spares & consumables.

Why PARENTNashik -

1) Product know-how more than 20 years of experience in resistance spot welding
2) Design, optimization & production of special spares, parts
3) Products that meet all international quality standards & requirements.
4) Production line having next-generation CNC machinery.
5) Timely delivery
6) Express production service available
7) Delivery anywhere.

Products Offered - Robotic Spot Welding Gun Parts

1) Spot Welding Electrodes / Tips

2) Spot Welding Shank / Holders

3) Spot Welding Gun Arm / Allie Gun Arm

4) Flexible Shunt / Busbar

5) Projection Welding Electrodes / Nut & Stud Welding Electrodes

6) Seam Welding Wheels

7) Copper Alloy - CuCr1Zr / BeCu / C18150 / C17510 / C17500 / C18000

8) CNC Machined Parts

9) SubContracting 





Address: PARENTNashik, A-36, Ambad MIDC