Changzhou Jianuofu Gas Spring Co., Ltd, is founded in 1992, located in the Yangtze river delta, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the existing covers an area of 25000 ‡u, building area of 20000 ‡u, can produce the gas spring 30000 pieces per day, the sales amount of all kinds of gas springs is RMB 120 million. It is one of the world's big manufacturers, we also can satisfy the production and sales of domestic and international customers with batch purchase price.

The company has about 200 employees, has advanced the idea of management personnel and high-quality staff, and equipped with high and new technology of the first-class production equipment. Products of research and development at the company's headquarters at the same time. We are commit to own better product and service, for office chair pressure rods, automotive, consumer and industrial equipment industry within the scope of application, no matter how special your need is, we always have a good gas spring adapted to you.

Jianuofu commitment to quality and technical innovation concept and development in pursuit of our products through in the series is the core of blessing,'s management system and marketing service system promises to satisfy every customer's needs.

Jianuofu products have been successfully developed to North America, Europe, southeast Asia, Middle East, South Africa, and the market. For better customer's blessing the value of the products know can bring more benefits and lead their friends choose better products.


Address: Qianmiao Road