As more cities see the economic benefits of high-efficiency solar street lights by solar lights manufacturers, the technology is rapidly moving from the experimental phase and becoming the new standard. Making use of these new solar street light technologies the Solar Lights manufacturers are booming in the lighting solution market.
A leading innovator SEECOL of lighting-class solar technology, launched its next generation performance upgrade to the SEECOL series Solar Street Lights. The new series offers higher lumen output and additional energy saving, posing as an ideal replacement for outdated high-pressure sodium and metal-halide fixtures for street lighting. While some variants provide up to 20% additional energy saving and higher lumen output, others offer up to 15% upgrade of these features compared to the older version. The upgraded Solar Street Lights series not only offer better performance, but also lower the budget of clients, improving payback by as high as 25% compared to its predecessor. Cost savings can greatly benefit clients. LEDs require significantly natural sun energy and less maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting sources. However, rapid adoption is not an easy task as solar street lights have high up-front costs. Accounting for over 8% of the global solar market, SEECOL remains committed to drive solar technology adoption by optimizing performance and reducing the gap between solar lighting and conventional technology.
SEECOL the Solar lights manufacturers in India said that they would gradually replace the 44,000 street lights it owns in communities throughout India with Solar Street lights.
Mr. Harsha Murthy CEO of SEECOL said "We want to help customers be more energy-efficient Solar Street lights".
About 20 main city-owned utilities, deals of the SEECOL products, made a joint purchase of about thousands of solar street lights last year and more are on the way.

During 2011, street and highway lighting consumed about 275 billion kilowatt hours for lighting or 21 percent of commercial electricity consumed, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Changing out older street lights for Solar Street lights can save all energy by using natural sun energy.
In January 2012, SEECOL finished replacing thousands of street lights with Solar Street Lights in different cities of India. If everything works out, we could replace 92,000 lights," said Mr. Harsha Murthy CEO of SEECOL. The momentum is picking up very quickly and we aimed at encouraging and optimizing the movement towards Solar street lights. It's taking place in lots of towns across the in India he added. He also said that Solar Street lights have an advantage. They use natural energy and also handle outdoor temperature changes and moisture better. This makes them attractive for use as outside security lights and for commercial street lights. Solar Street lights are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs because they contain even smaller amounts of mercury.


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