With reference to the above, we would like to introduce our self that, we Hindustan Fibre Tech have been installing & commissioning of industrial equipments for Chemical Processing, pollution Control, Effluent & Water treatment plants in India, with an objective of producing better systems in all aspects.

We have a well equipped factory at CHENNAI to design and manufacture the following systems in Composite Materials that outdate the conventional steel equipments you have bee using till date.
· Chemical Storage Systems for Sulfuric Acid,HCL,Caustic Lye, Etc.,

· Fume Absorber Systems for scrubber, De-gasser, Blower,

· FRP / PP FRP Fittings,

· Low / High Pressure Dosing Systems,

· FRP / PP FRP /PVC FRP Lined Equipments,

· FRP Gratings,

· Frp Lining,


Address: No-2/166-I,South Anna Nagar,Anukkur,