Ecosafe Solutions, Vadodara is a professionally managed System Integration Company offering products and services which save the environment and energy.

The past decade has seen Ecosafe Solutions revolutionise the Aeration Stage of Wastewater treatment plants (Effluent Treatment Plants & Sewage Treatment Plants) by offering Ecosafe Diffused Aeration Systems in India and South East Asian countries, which was and is proven to be the HIGHEST EVER OXYGEN TRANSFERRING system to Wastewater.

Continuous R&D efforts by technical experts from Wastewater Engineering and Rubber and Polymer Technology from Germany brought out ECOTUBE and ECODISC diffusers. Users of our system worldwide have been continuously appreciating the over-performance, enormous energy-saving and durability.

There are many look-alike product vendors mushrooming in the market, but could not offer either quality, results or durability like Ecosafe Diffused Aeration System. We appreciate their efforts and as our policy is LET LIVE & LIVE, we wish them success, which is not possible unless their efforts and technology reaches at par with ours.

We thank all the Corporates, MNCs, Ownership firms, Consultants and Contractors Worldwide who have trusted and instantly ordered and installed our System in the very first discussion itself. We also thank overseas Organisations who have specifically mentioned "ECODISC diffusers" in their Global Tender Notification.

We sincerely thank even those firms who have come back to us after burning their fingers by opting Look-alike products just for not able to pay the little premium extra for our Matchless Diffusers.

We also thank all our Endusers (EHS Professionals) who have recommended ECOTUBE / ECODISC diffusers to their counterparts of other organisations.

With all the cooperation from our Clients, both direct and indirect, we Design, Supply and Install (or guide how to install) Diffused Aeration System. 



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