AbeltFish is company focused on Exporting various kind of Frozen Sardines And Mackerels for the world market, specialized in processing and exporting W/R sardines , HGT sardines , Fillets of sardines , pilchardus walbaum , Sardina Pilchardus , Trachurus Trachurus

We are a Moroccan company: EU approved and HACCP qualified.
We supply:

*Whole round sardines pilchardus walbaum.
*HGT sardines for canneries.
*Fillets of sardines.
*Sardina Pilchardus
*Trachurus Trachurus
*Scomber Colias Japonicus
*Fillets of sardines.
*Whole round mackerel scomber japonicus.
*HGT mackerels.
*Fillets of mackerels.

HGT mackerels , W/R mackerels , Fillets of mackerels and Scomber Colias Japonicus for the world

We have a storage capacity of 600 MT. We are supplier of block, IQF and HGT frozen sardines towards many countries. We are CEE and FDA registered and HACCP approval

We are Supplying mostly to European union , USA, Russia, Dubai, etc .All our exports products are verified and certified by the local government , Our Quality is 100% Assured and we are satisfying all of our Buyers.

Our company can supply 7x40' containers per week but we can sign agreements for largest quantities

Not only our products are high quality ones but our prices are very attractive too.