We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as the Indian marketing partner of DEUBLIN CO., USA in India. DEUBLIN Co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of Precision Rotating unions/ joints, headquartered in Illinois U.S.A and manufacturing also in Germany & Italy. Deublin unions are used for endless types of applications. The applications range from cooling / heating of Rollers / spindles or transferring Hydraulic fluid or air for actuation. Deublin rotary seals have a surface finish of 4 RMS and are micro-lapped to an optical flatness of better than 2 light bands or .000023” for dependable, leak proof operation. The Mechanical seals are balanced and the contact pressure between the seal faces is kept to a minimum regardless of media pressure. This results in longer seal life of the union. Deublin unions used for Water / Oil/ Air/ Hot Oil/Hydraulic and Coolant application.

Company Profile
Company Name: Maco Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Product/Service: Rotary Unions, Rotary Joints

Contact Details
Contact Person: Bharatkumar Nair
Mobile: 9323994922